Four Reasons why Co working spaces will be important post COVID-19 Pandemic!

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Gone are the days where you had to choose between working from a boring office or from your very comfy home. Now you can have the perfect balance of both at a co working space. This trend is spreading like wildfire among people everywhere. Co working space is not just about renting, it’s about community & collaboration.

Whether you choose a private office, dedicated desk or co working, there is no doubt that co working space creates an environment that cultivates community/society to nurture healthy business growth, worthy impact & increased well-being.

Every single person even a uni student knows what is co working and how it works. So there is no point explaining it but we would definitely discuss the importance of co working space post Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 has negatively impacted almost all the sectors and industries. Almost everyone is either working from home or remotely. Buying or renting your own office space costs higher in this pandemic situation specially when people are trying to lower their expenses.

The Global Co working Growth Study 2020 says that, although growth this year will be slow, ‘we expect growth to rebound and develop even more rapidly from 2021 onwards, with a yearly growth rate of 21.3%’. (Source:

They estimate that almost 5 million people will be working from co working spaces by 2024, an increase of 158% compared to 2020.

As per the data collected by Coworker between February 2020 and May 2020, space utilisation is beginning to recover and shift towards private offices (as the type of space most requested), long term contract duration and higher capacities.

In a past Covid-19 world, these statistics make it easy to predict that co working will become even more mainstream, especially since companies are shifting to remote-first workforce. In the long run, all offices will potentially turn into flexible, on demand spaces and in spite of the challenges faced by many operators in 2020, the potential for the co working industry to grow and evolve has been higher.

Here are the top 4 reasons why co working is good pre and post pandemic situation:

1) There are approximately 6405 plus co working spaces worldwide and this industries demand is growing rapidly there by you get more options to compare and select. Almost every co working space is surrounded by ample of amenities and you can surely find couple of them close to your house.

2) People cannot afford to buy or rent office space and also, it’s kind of boring to work alone. Reducing the cost is the utmost importance for every business right now. Co working space has so many options to choose from and plus you get support from your local community as well which you will never get if you are on your own.

3) Work from home and remote working is the ultimate trend going on. People cannot work from home, personally I cannot. When you are working from home you don’t feel like working to have to attend to other things, kids, neighbours, etc.

4) Post pandemic many companies would shut or has to reduce expenses in one way or the other. The main fixed expense every business has is the rent. Co working space offers flexible and budget-friendly options. The co working community strength will play a vital role for people to re-connect, help achieve dreams, create new product and mainly support each other.

Still thinking about whether co working is perfect fit for you or not? Most working space provides free trial. Why don’t go and try it yourself and then make a decision.

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